This Almonte home was transformed in June 2018 by our team. The gravel pathway had been unchanged since the house was built in 2010 and eight years on the home was ready for a makeover.

We used Permacon’s Rosebel Slab, a wonderful interlocking product that has a natural stone effect that is extremely fast to install, hard wearing and beautiful (and a fraction of the cost of flagstone).

The path takes a pleasing curve towards the driveway and was installed with a gentle slope to grade to help the path shed water.

The project also reintegrated five large rocks from the property into the new front step and as accents in the main garden bed.

From the Permacon website

Garden Spaces

This project also features a new garden bed to the right of the path, and a reworked bed to the left of the path. A selection of new plants dressed with a dark natural mulch make the front of the house much more welcoming. This part of the project was completed by our other business, Carp Garden Centre (plants, soil, mulch, and labour).

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